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Word gets around // High quality Formula One photography for your blog

Published by Mr. C

It's been said that Sidepodcast commenters like to encourage others to get creative. Usually this means the unwary get coerced into blogging, podcasting, or in Paul's case, even being sponsored to tweet.

The relevant wiki page currently lists numerous casualties of said encouragement, but one thing that's always been a sticking point for new blogs and bloggers, is the sourcing of legal photography to compliment posts.

Formula One teams can be quite generous in this respect, while photography sites such as Flickr offer collections of reusable racing images, but there's never been a one-size fits all model that makes embedding as easy as starting a blog.

Pick a part that's new

Earlier today, we learned of a new service called PicApp which is set to make adding photography to blog posts an awful lot easier. The site itself has been around since the start of the year, but recent partnership deals with major blogging platforms has thrust it into the limelight. As for what it does, well the ten second sales pitch explains it best:

Jazz up your blog, at no cost, with millions of premium, relevant, fresh and legal images to choose from.

That sounds very enticing doesn't it? Let's give it a try.

[Picture removed, service no longer exists.]

To embed the above image into your own blog, simply search the PicApp website and copy the relevant image code into your post. So long as you agree to the related terms and conditions, that's all there is to it.

PicApp reimburse content providers - in this case Getty Images - via advertisements that appear when you rollover the images or during specified time intervals of inactivity. It has to be said, we've yet to see this in action, so it's hard to judge how obtrusive the advertising might be. Assuming though that you can live with what appears to be a fair exchange, PicApp seems like a fine idea. I suspect we'll be getting a lot of use out of this on Sidepodcast in the future.

If you're already using PicApp (or a service like it), or intend to in the future, do let us know what you think in the comments. If you haven't got a blog already, you may find you're rapidly running out of excuses for not having one.