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Woah! - An initial reaction to Ron Dennis' open letter about Ferrari and the FIA

Published by Mr. C

Man, that Ron Dennis has got a lot to answer for. Apologies if anyone was expecting some kind of video-podcast-come-race-preview-thingy today. Only Ron decided that this evening was as good a time as any to pen what must be the single most important press release of the season. How inconsiderate.

Production stopped while the two us digested what had been written. I read the release in full three times before I felt I had a good grip on all the facts, and I think Christine printed the whole thing out before heading off to bed. A lie down really is in order after today's revelations.

So what's all the fuss about? Well firstly, these kind of lengthly tomes don't exactly fall from the sky on a frequent basis and secondly it's the work of Ron, but it's not written in Ronspeak. Nope, this is clear, concise and resolute. Without question a great deal of thought went into this piece of work - literally every single word has a purpose. Dissecting the finer points will take a while, but here are my initial thoughts.

1) If what Ron has claimed turns out to be even remotely true, I think we could be looking at massive FIA sanctions raining down on Ferrari in the near future. Jean Todt can forget any plans he may have had about succeeding Max Mosely as FIA President, because the way Ferrari have allegedly 'managed the media' during this case, really must be considered to be bringing the sport into disrepute.

2) Does anybody get the feeling the biggest problem here is the failure of the FIA to control the amount of paperwork floating around in public? Didn't this happen back with the Indianapolis tyre debacle a couple of years back, and were no lessons learned at the time? Sometimes you wonder if this wouldn't be a whole lot cleaner if it happened behind closed doors. Less fun, but much cleaner.

3) If Stepney really turns out to be the whistleblower that Ron claims he is, and Nigel knew about Ferrari's illegal flexible floor, there might be some substance to his 'buried bodies' statement after all. He really does appear to be someone in the know, and if pushed, who knows what we'll discover? There could be more careers at risk here than we'd initially assumed.

Feel free to post your opinions, I'm all ears right now, but I'll leave you with one final thought.

I don't know where they get their information, but throughout the whole of the spying scandal have been one step ahead of every other site out there. For example, this tiny nugget of information was dropped into a report earlier today:

The story begins, however, back in 2006 when Ferrari made Coughlan an offer to join the team in Maranello.

Interesting stuff indeed.