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It's just plane odd - Splashing the sponsorship over a larger mode of transportation

Published by Mr. C

The Williams F1 team continued to push the boundaries of acceptable marketing strategies this week, when they painted a passenger aircraft in their familiar racing livery.

AirAsia Airbus A320-216 painted in F1 livery

TG Daily reports that an odd looking Airbus A320 was delivered to Malaysian low-cost carrier AirAsia yesterday. Sporting a striking blue and white colour scheme, the plane was covered in many of the logos from the team's main sponsors, while the tail proudly reminds eveyone that AirAsia are the official airline for the AT&T Williams Formula One team.

It's the cockpit however, that's most striking. Chosen, one would assume, in order to fit a different selection of sponsors onto the airframe, the front section is painted to look like Nico Rosberg's helmet!

Personally I wouldn't fancy being greeted on the runway by this thing, but I have to admit the look is quite impressive. What will they think of next?