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Williams launch new livery for 2011 season - The blue and white look remains for the FW33

Published by Christine

Williams launch their official blue and white livery for 2011
Credit: Williams F1

Williams have unveiled their livery for the FW33, with the expected blue and white remaining. There are more white areas, with big sponsor PDVSA getting a lot of space towards the back of the car. The colour scheme was launched in an online presentation, with Sam Michael speaking about the technical aspects of the car.

One of the key points he talked about was the rear of the FW33, which they have focused a lot of attention on for the upcoming season. It's very tightly packaged, with a lot of aero directed across the lower rear wing. They've got a pull-rod suspension, and high drive shaft angles, with Michael claiming them to be the highest angles that anyone has done in F1 before.

He went on to discuss Williams' decision to change to the battery style KERS, rather than the flywheel that they developed last time the recovery system was in the sport.

Williams have a battery system in the car, contained underneath the chassis for aerodynamic reasons. The other option is to have it pushed out into the sidepod, but then it affects the undercut. You start pushing the undercut wider and losing downforce. Immediately we said we want everything in the chassis, and if necessary make the chassis longer, which we did.

We did consider a flywheel for this car. It was very close, but ultimately the packaging stopped us in this case. We haven’t discounted introducing a flywheel into this car at some point, unlikely for 2011, but considered for 2012.

- Sam Michael

Michael also touched on the recent test issues, quick to reassure that most of the problems were all little tweaks that were all very fixable, but just took up too much time in the garage. He's impressed with the work Pirelli have been doing on the tyres, especially as they've had such a short space of time to do it in. He pointed out that they are being compared to such a high benchmark, it's bound to take time to adjust, but gave three reasons why it's been getting better:

  • Pirelli are working on it, developing all the time
  • The drivers are learning how to drive around it
  • The teams are making it better, changing the setup, adding more downforce

Finally, Michael touched briefly upon their driver lineup, with the incredibly experienced Rubens Barrichello teamed up with rookie driver Pastor Maldonado.

We have a new driver in Pastor Maldonado, he’s come along as a rookie. The job that he’s done in the short tests that we’ve had so far has been good. One of the things I liked was that he’s definitely naturally talented. We did a lot of work with Pastor over the winter, but there’s nothing like being in the car and actually driving. He’s a rookie, he’ll make a few mistakes and he’ll have a few crashes, every rookie does.

I’m impressed already, he’s 25 years old, he’s got a level of maturity that’s higher. That’s quite encouraging. His setup direction is very similar to Rubens immediately. Let’s be clear, and Pastor knows this as well, Rubens is the key driver for the direction of the car, but it’s encouraging to see Pastor reflecting Rubens comments so quickly.

- Sam Michael

The presentation finished off with confirmation from Williams that they have teamed up with two-star Michelin chef Michael Caines, who will be providing delicious food in the paddock throughout the year.

The final word has to go to Sam Michael again, who headed off any questions of who looked to be the fastest of the teams so far.

Within the Formula One teams we have enormous amounts of data, lots of lap times, but we have no idea at all.

- Sam Michael

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