Sidepodcast - All for F1 and F1 for all wheelman - The Black Eyed Peas get involved in Formula One

Published by Christine

It would appear that F1 has gone mainstream.

We have all been discussing Bernie's F1 Rocks concert idea since it first came up - mostly wondering whether it would have the effect he was after. Making Formula 1 a more rounded event with plenty to entertain everyone is a good idea, and we have discussed this at length previously.

Now it is happening though, it's actually a little bit scary.

I have spent the entire day explaining to Mr C who Lindsay Lohan, Fergie, and N*E*R*D are, whilst he had great fun yesterday trying to explain the concept of ZZ Top to me. This F1 Rocks business has put a divide straight down the middle of Sidepodcast Headquarters.

Meanwhile, we have seen the 'Rocks stars infiltrating our beloved garages. Beyonce took a trip down the pit lane, posing for photographs in and around the McLaren garage. Black Eyed Peas spent part of their day with Force India, and actually got involved with a pit stop.

Sidepodcast image

That is some good work by Wheelman there. If he wasn't so busy singing, he could possibly have a go in the race. Also, I would quite like it if the Backstreet Boys could have a go at the pit stop business. Pretty please?

Ms. Lohan, who is fronting the whole event, has been talking about her knowledge of F1, which seems to be lacking a little, but she's eager to learn.

I'd love to learn more about Formula 1 and racing. I actually studied NASCAR for almost a year when I was doing Herbie.

- Lindsay Lohan

This is a film that we actually both have heard of - albeit different versions. The first thing she needs to learn, of course, is that F1 is nothing like NASCAR.

She may not know as much about F1 as we do, but she's certainly on the same level as me when it comes to music.

I hadn't heard of Simple Minds before, but I will be aware of them after this.

- Lindsay Lohan

Which leaves Mr C more disillusioned by the whole concept than ever.

All in all, this sudden invasion of music and popular culture into the normally quite stuffy Formula 1 has taken us quite by surprise. I think I like it.