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Wiki highlights - Words and music - The Sidepodcast dictionary and Formula One tunes

Published by Christine

Another month has flown by and it's been a busy one. The 2011 season has begun in earnest, and the Sidepodcast site is busier ever. In the background, the wiki waits, supporting us with pages that help us keep organised, and remember the marvellous things we've come up with in the comments.

I'd like to mention some of the recent changes that have been taking place on the wiki, before delving into the archive for a forgotten gem.

Moonlight and music

In this week's F1 Debrief show, we discussed the idea of songs that make you think about Formula One. It was in response to a message from Andy, who offered up the following:

I was wondering what F1 music you are into and why. I have serveral songs that remind me of the great sport. These include:

  • The Chain- Fleetwood Mac (Obviously)
  • Go Your Own Way- Fleetwood Mac (BBC's 1989 Season review music)
  • It's Not War - Manic Street Preachers (BBC used this last year when displaying race results)
  • All Fired Up - Pat Benatar (FIA 1988 Season review music)
  • Ivory Tower from Never Ending Story (Old BBC grid music)
  • Just Drive - Alistar Griffin (think it was 2008 BBC season review)

Do you have any others? and why?

Well, we couldn't let an opportunity like this pass us by, so Gavin very kindly set us up a wiki page in which you can enter some of the songs that remind you of Formula 1. Mr C is busy compiling a list from the race edits as we speak. Well, no, he's not, but I'm keen to see what other songs you can come up with.

It's like a different language

I can't quite believe this is the fourth post I have written in this wiki highlights series and I have not yet mentioned the Dictionary. This is one of the best pages on the wiki, if you ask me, but that's because I love playing around with words.

Amongst the comments on Sidepodcast, we've managed to come up with hundreds of words that aren't necessarily going to be found in the Oxford English Dictionary, or if they are, we've given them a different meaning. Sometimes it's due to typing errors, other times it's a bit too many wines, but most often it is just a word that fits the situation.

It's brilliant fun to browse the Sidepodcast dictionary, and it's even more fun to participate. If you spot something a little out of the ordinary that would fit in our alphabetical list, then add it in! Here are a couple of examples:

Announcementy machine

Noun. Coined by Amy. Definition: The PA system as used on aeroplanes.

Usage: My favourite pilots are the ones who get on the announcementy machine...


Noun. Coined by Alex 'Giggles' Andronov.

Definition: A form of data storage.

Usage: You do seem to have 6 kijillion gigglybits of storage on there.


Verb. Origins unknown.

Definition: Like Tremayne but for occasions when you have no strong opinion. Usually the result of a typo.

Usage: You should leave us a voicemail and Tremaybe about it.

There are many, many more to peruse over on the dictionary, so if you're struggling for a word - we've got you covered.

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