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Published by Christine

This month has been relatively quiet on the Formula One front, thanks to an early three-week break in the 2011 calendar. Things are gathering steam for this weekend's race in Turkey, but whilst the racing has stopped, we've been busy on the site. Sidepodcast is always evolving, and sometimes it can be hard to keep up with what is what.

Thankfully, Giggles has come to the rescue. After successfully introducing the concept of Apple's AirPlay feature to us yesterday, he's volunteered to make more demo videos for the site. First, see how easy to learn it is when there's a Kinder Egg involved.

So, if there's something about the site that confuses you, then let Giggles know. He's started a list on the wiki of things he plans to cover, with these items already there:

  • The Homepage
  • The Dashboard
  • The Realtime Doohicky
  • Ye Olde Comments
  • The Podcasts
  • Factbyte Factbox

I can't wait to see how the videos turn out, because we know that Giggles explains things far better than Mr C or I ever could.

Fun, not always on Fridays

During the off-season, we have a feature called Friday Fun, which entails a thread purely for fun and games posted on, would you believe it, a Friday. The posts are all archived in their category, but if you want an overview of what kind of things we've done, there's a wiki page for that too.

From there, you can easily find out about such games as:

  • Things drivers would never say
  • Song title squeeze
  • 6 word memoir
  • F1 limericks

And many, many more. It's no wonder we often say we like the off-season better than the racing itself!

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