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Wiki highlights - A happy list and sports at speed - How to improve your mood and get sporting action to move faster

Published by Christine

Towards the end of each month, I intend to dig out the great pages that quite often get forgotten about over on the wiki. This month has seen quite a bit of activity on the fabulous Sidepodcast Wiki, so I thought it might be worth plugging the new pages that have been created over there as well.

Forget your troubles and just get happy

We started the month with a desire to keep things positive, and one of the best ways of doing that is to create a wiki list. There are lots of lists over there, but this year we started a new one called: List of Things for a Happy Life. The clue is in the title, of course, but so far the list includes such diverse gems as a pint of cold cider, Rafael Nadal, and seven dwarfs. It occurs to me that we perhaps should have put reasons down for some of the items. Nevertheless, if you feel like there's something you can add to our expanding list of reasons to feel cheerful, then head on over and have a go.

The list does feature a few mentions of alcohol, with the cider I previously alluded to, plus the idea of some good beer. Something that will likely include beer is the SidepodBoston meetup - an International Sidepodmeetup organised by Bassano. From the page itself:

It's way beyond time that something like this happened. Currently in a developmental stage, we are now asking for interested parties to add their name and thoughts to this page.

If you think that's an event you'd like to get involved with, then start thinking dates and venues, and leave your findings over on the wiki.

Keeping up to speed

We were very enthusiastic when the World Cup took place last year, but towards the end of what felt like a very long month of football, we started to wonder if there weren't perhaps quicker ways to indulge in our favourite events.

Mr C came up with the idea of Speed Sporting, and we think it's starting to catch on. We very recently enjoyed the Red Bull Crashed Ice event, which is the epitome of a sport played at speed. However, that one is designed to be fast and furious. We're more interested in taking the sports that already exist and making them nice and snappy.

Some of the ideas already proposed include the popular Wimbledon tennis tournament boiled down to a simple tie-break game per match, and the epic 24 Hours of Le Mans changed to the 24 Metres of Le Mans, where it's simply a race to get in the car in the first place.

If you've got an idea for a sport that can be reduced but still keep the fun and excitement ticking over, then why not sign up to the wiki and leave your thoughts on the Speed Sporting page?

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