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Who's working the hardest? - Comparing output on the site by author and commentor

Published by Mr. C

In the comments of a recent post about total site contributions, Andy pointed out that I'd failed to mention how many submissions Christine or I had provided last year.

It was an intentional omission because when it comes to comment totals, Christine's efforts are somewhat under-represented by the figures. However, I can reveal in the past 12 months I wrote 15,621 comments, while the good lady penned just 4,206 of the things. That meant six people were more vocal on her own site than she was.

In truth of course, Christine's often tied up doing a multitude of other things such as editing shows and writing posts, which this chart displaying post count over time, communicates rather well.

Blog posts by month

As you can see, the lions share of the writing comes from one source and and her level of output is increasing all the time. Hopefully she'll be able to continue the upward trend in productivity into 2009.

A comparison of the above chart versus my comment total suggests that I may need to take a long hard look at whether I'm really making the best use of my time. Let's not go there today though, eh?