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Who would you choose? Michael or Nico? - The Mercedes duo embark on a new advertising campaign

Published by Christine

We've often been known to highlight the great and the good of team videos, and this year Mercedes have got the season off to a great start with two exceptional snippets of film. With great production values, amusing concepts, and... wait for it... Michael Schumacher actually being funny... there is no way we could let this moment pass without highlighting them.

The latest video doing the rounds features a couple trying to decide which of Mercedes' driver line-up could get them to hospital quicker, as there appears to be a baby on the way. Will it be the seven times world champion, or the one that beat him last year?

I know who I'd choose. I wonder if the winner gets the baby named after them as well?

The other video that has been spotted recently has already made an appearance in a Sidepodcast post or two but it bears repeating, if only for the guest spot at the end.

I'm impressed with both Nico and Michael in both of these videos. Good sports, showing a side to them we may not have noticed before. Mercedes also have displayed a great sense of humour with both the commercials. I'm hoping there will be more of these in the months to come.