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Who upset Red Bull this time? - A press release with a difference, as no one is spared their wrath

Published by Mr. C

It's normal to expect a sarcastic press release from Red Bull Racing, just prior to the French GP. Red Bull (the drink) is a banned substance in France (too much caffeine), so they're never going to look at the race in a positive light.

However, I was a bit surprised to read the Bahrain Preview from RBR that chooses to have a pop at all and sundry. It begins by suggesting that race track designers should take a leaf out of Malaysia and Bahrain's book, by designing venues that represent important cultural elements from their country...then it goes on to make a few helpful suggestions.

Here are a couple of blinding extracts:

  • Monaco: Seats will resemble the basket of a building site crane, the national emblem of the Principality and every ten minutes they will automatically pick up the spectators and turn them upside down to shake all their money out of their pockets.
  • USA: The grandstand will feature giant Golden Arches, the seats will be in the shape of double giant burgers and include two, 2 litre capacity drinks holders.
  • China: They decide to produce a grandstand that reflects their great contribution to Global Warming. The seating area is shaped like an Oil Refinery. We didn't say anything about their contribution to reducing Global Warming.

Excellent. I've no idea what would prompt such a press release, but I do like it. Let's hope they're starting a trend. F1 needs more humor like this.

Here's the article in full.