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While you were sleeping - Plans to combine qualifying and race podcasts into a bumper show

Published by Christine

Yesterday was beautifully sunny. We went outside. I commented to 'me' that it was nice to be able to actually spend some time in the sun and not have an entire day taken up by Formula 1. Not that I begrudge it at all, but it made a nice change.

With the Canada Qualifying not even starting until 5pm, I was more than happy to have a day to do other things.

But, then, after qualifying happened, it was like: "Let's just have dinner before we do the podcast." And then: "Let's just watch Doctor Who before we do the podcast." And then... "Oh dear, Christine is asleep."

So, there is no special qualifying podcast this week. We will combine the two together in a bumper Canada edition. You can blame me and my duvet for that.

But I also should warn you that the podcast might be a little late. The flip side of sunning yourself all day, is that the race doesn't finish until evening. Recording, editing and producing to such a high standard (!) means that it takes some time. We're thinking fingers crossed late tonight, if not then Monday evening.

Enjoy the race. Don't forget to leave your comments on 01 2128 TRACK or here on the blog, so we can include them in the show.