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Where do we go from here? - A request for feedback on the best and worst bits of Sidepodcast

Published by Mr. C

At the beginning of the month we asked for ideas and feedback relating to things that need improving on the site for next year. We received tonnes of useful comments and we've collated that information into all manner of updates scheduled for sometime in January.

Because we're needy, high maintenance people the next thing we're after is criticism on our audio podcasts, video podcasts and live shows. Last year we picked up some excellent constructive feedback from both doctorvee and BlogF1 on ways in which we could improve in 2008, and the result of those suggestions led to the creation of F1 Digest.

In order to figure out how Sidepodcast 3.0 will look and sound, we're really keen to find out what you like and dislike, the shows you can't live without and the bits you'd never listen to again, even if we paid you.

The sounds

Aside from the change of name, F1 Debrief has remained pretty consistent throughout the year. The changes made in January have stood the test of time, but we've had complaints regarding the show's length, and that sometimes we don't give all the driver's enough coverage. What can we improve on, drop or add to make Debrief better in '09?

F1 Digest was new this year, but how does it stack up against other podcasts? Do you listen to all the weekends coverage and does it give you enough / too much detail? Tell us what you think is needed for next year.

The mini-series remains one of our most popular shows, and this year listener feedback went so far as to create two of the series as well as to nominate a host of future shows. We don't have any specific plans to make changes to this in the future, but we're always open to suggestions.

The pictures

At the start of the year we had the frankly laughable idea of releasing videos on a weekly basis. This turned out to be more difficult than we planned, but we did at least manage to put out two episodes of F1 Rewind. Should we make more time for a video news show or are race preview videos, along the lines of Inside Track, more important? 18 - 20 videos a year is probably our limit, but what should they contain? Can we do a third year of track guides or do we know our way around by now?

The bit that breaks often

Although the idea of doing live shows only came into fruition halfway through the year, they've started to take over our lives. There are an awful lot of improvements we're thinking of making in this area, but what things do you think we should work on? If we keep doing live video / audio next year, would you still tune in? Should we do more, should we do less and are you interested in "behind the scenes" coverage like green screen recording, or do you prefer interactive shows such as the podpanel.

We really appreciate and take on board anything you can throw at us, and as before, I believe Rich is working on a survey that we'll combine with comments and hopefully come up with bigger and better things for 2009.