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Where art thou? - An update on the Sidepodcast Listener Map

Published by Mr. C

Whilst trawling through last year's posts for the end of year roundup, we came across a blog entry promoting the Sidepodcast Listener Map. Although we haven't mentioned it in a very long time, it hasn't stopped people from adding themselves via the wiki during the year.

The number of pins now totals 276 and seeing the pattern that makes across the world is quite a sight to behold, and is the reason we're plugging the map again today.

I love that F1 has such global appeal, and while predictably the UK is the most densely populous area, the US, Australia and Asia are very well represented too. The listener map contains a wealth of information beyond just the location of such a diverse community, and there are plenty of names to be found that are completely new to us.

If you haven't yet added yourself, and have a couple of minutes to spare, please do so today. Apparently in the last post I promised we'd do a roll call for everyone who stuck a pin in the map, but I don't think we ever got around to doing it. I can't imagine we'll be able to list all of the places, but we'll see what we can squeeze in to the next show.

Much appreciation of course goes to those who added themselves in the past year, we'll try and send Bassano around for beers in due course!