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Where are we still coming from? - Comparing end-of-season Fantasy Racers statistics to March

Published by Christine

Back in March, before the season got going and our Fantasy Racers league was in its infancy, we were curious about who was signing up. In fact, we took the user by country stats, knocked up a quick graph and commented on the results.

At the time, the competition was dominated by the USA, followed closely by the UK, with Canada in third place. The components of the United Kingdom and Australia made up the rest of the notable figures. Keeping that in mind, does this look about right?

2008 Fantasy Racer entrants by Country

We promised to return to the statistics at the end of the season, and we do try and keep to our word in a timely fashion. The above graph is the updated version, with everyone who had signed up by the end of the season. Surprisingly, it looks exactly the same as the previous one. USA, UK and Canada are still leading the way in terms of Fantasy players, and once again, we have to give a call out to Bernie.

How can you not want a race in the US? How can you not want to fight for the Canadian Grand Prix? The numbers don't lie.

There are a few more notable countries than there were oh so many months ago, with Mexico getting a real boost. What happened there? Also, as I noted last time, where do the people who put 'none' actually live? Is the F1 coverage any good there or do they have to spend their time scouring Justin TV?

Joking aside, it seems preposterous that we can whip up a simple graph and take stock like this, whilst the powers that be either can't use spreadsheets, or won't pay attention to the results.