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Where are we all coming from? - A view of our Fantasy Racer teams from a statistics point of view

Published by Christine

Since the Sidepodcast league was set up over on Fantasy Racers, we’ve had a record number of teams enter. Although, having said that, any number would be a record for us, this being the inaugural competition and all. Still, 92 teams is nothing to be sniffed at and we owe Dan a considerable quantity of beer tokens for getting this particular ball rolling.

We may have mentioned, we love messing around with graphs and this new league contains lots of potential for stats and pie charts, but there is one metric that is most fascinating.

Presenting, Sidepodcast Fantasy Racers by Country:

Sidepodcast Fantasy Racers League by Country

I thought that F1 wasn't popular in the US? Bernie, are you listening? To be fair, though, the UK also has an England/Scotland split as well, but where are the Welsh?

My favourite demographic are those people that don't live anywhere. How do you guys get F1 coverage out there?

The graph clearly shows us that a few countries have the majority entrants, but I was surprised at the diversity of locations – so many places with just one team. This competition (and it is a proper competition, because we've committed to providing a prize of some sort) is the perfect opportunity for you and your friends to represent your place of residence. Grab your friends and pledge allegiance the Fantasy F1 way!

We're so close to 100, that it would be wrong to not push it over the century mark. Information about joining can be found over on the original post, and the comments might help if you're stuck. If you have any questions please comment below. Your country needs you.