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When we walked in fields of green - A potential new livery for the Force India 2009 car

Published by Christine

Force India on track at Silverstone

Pictures have emerged today of a new Force India car with sparkling new livery. There's a lot more green on the car, but thankfully this new iteration remains gold-free. With Williams choosing their blue and white look rather than the dark blue we had so enjoyed in testing, this Force India simply adds to the number of white cars on the grid. The nose is heavy on colour, with orange teaming up with the green to represent the Indian flag, but ultimately, it is yet another one going with the safe option. At least the new livery lessens the risk of the VJM02 being constantly confused with the MP4-24 out on track.

It's unclear at the moment whether the pictures are supposed to be circulating or not. The team announced their launch for this Sunday, the 1st March, but an awful lot of information seems to be appearing today instead. Official pictures were released, some were taken down, others were encouraged. Either someone jumped the gun, or their organisational skills rival ours here at Sidepodcast Towers. Oh well, who schedules a launch for a Sunday anyway?

The car will be seen out on track at Jerez in the coming week, and it will be good to see some action from Force India. The team haven't been out and about since the end of last year, and their recent trip to Silverstone was kept super-secret until after the event. It makes you wonder if they have something for us to be curious about, although I haven't spotted any dodgy diffusers or crazy flip ups to question. Chances are they were simply saving money, keeping their heads down and working on the car.

Talking of money, at first glance it looks like the team have acquired some new sponsors, with Whyte & Mackay replacing Fly Kingfisher on the sidepods. On closer inspection, however, it turns out that this is yet another Mallya brand, a make of Scotch whisky, and the entrepreneur is capitalising on the advertising abilities of Formula 1 once again. I suppose in these troubled times, if you can't get a sponsor, the easiest thing is to market yourself.

The driver lineup remains the same, of course, and the overalls carry a nice shade of orange to match the car. In fact, the design is similar to that of the McLaren boys, and from a distance, you'd be forgiven for mistaking one for the other. They've moved the problem from the car to the drivers! Still, in terms of liveries, this is an improvement on last year (and on all ING sponsored Renaults), so now it is just a case of wait and see to determine whether their pace has stepped up as well.