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When was your first time? // A look back at my first year of watching Formula One

Published by Christine

Alonso tackles Brazil in 2003

A while ago, we were tidying out some cupboards and came across a stack of diaries I used to write before my life was broadcast on the interwebs. I hadn't given them a second thought until today, when we were discussing the first Grand Prix I watched. It occurred to me that it might have got a mention in my diary (they're the kind of entries which discuss dinner and TV watching habits).

After some perusal (and a fair amount of wine), I thought it might be fun to share my first season of watching F1 through the brief mentions in my page-a-day. Any prose in italics is my thoughts from today.

Brazil 2003

Sunday - Got home, settled down to watch the Grand Prix.

Arguably one of the most intense races of the time, and it barely gets a mention.

Monaco 2003

Saturday - I watched the Grand Prix and then read a load of my book.

Watched qualifying all by myself, on only the second time of asking? Clearly trying to impress Mr C, but I'm not going to get very far referring to every session as "the Grand Prix".

Sunday - After the Grand Prix, I text Mr C and he was excited that Bono was there.

Back in the days when U2 were worth getting excited about, it could only be Monaco, huh?

Britain 2003

Friday - ...for the Grand Prix which we watched together in the front room. It was usual qualifying, Michael first, etc.

Love the cynicism, so early on!

Hungary 2003

Friday - I made a new page for my website, did my nails, and watched the Grand Prix.

What a catch!

Saturday - Watched Alonso take poll.

Poll, pole, it's an easy mistake to make.

Sunday - I started off grumpy, but by the time the Grand Prix had finished, Alonso had won, Michael had been lapped and Ralf had been great, I was in a much better mood.

Where to start? The GP brightens my mood, this is a good sign. Ralf is great? This is not.

Italy 2003

Sunday - Watched Michael Schumacher win at Monza.

First usage of a circuit name, certainly learning the lingo.

US 2003

Sunday - We watched the Grand Prix and it was okay. Very confusing, rain and lots of pit stops, and Michael won.

If I'd known it would take a good few years before I could figure the rain-filled races out, I might not have been so keen to keep on trying.

Japan 2003

Sunday - We were supposedly going to get up at six to watch the Grand Prix but we were too tired.

Later on Sunday - The Grand Prix was on again at three and we watched it, it was really good and even though Michael got his point and won the championship, it was all very worth it.

Spoken like a true fan.

So, there you have it, my first season in F1. Clearly it made quite an impression on me, even in those early days. I hope this hasn't been too self-indulgent, but I thought it would be nice to share my humble beginnings. If you need me, I'll have my nose in 2004.