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When the crowd say Sho' Selecta! - Tailoring your podcast feed to include the shows you want to hear

Published by Mr. C

2008 was a prolific year for Sidepodcast, in terms of the amount of audio and video content we put out. It seemed like every week presented a new idea for a show and we ran with it where possible.

What had started out as a short, weekly podcast, grew sporadically, to the point we didn't want to burgeon listener's bandwidth with too much content and began leaving some shows off the subscription feed. It's always been a struggle for us since we started live streaming, to provide for those who are only interested in hearing the produced article, and for those who are happy to download everything. What was needed was the ability to choose.

Which is why today, we're introducing Show Selector.

Show Selector

In short, Show Selector allows anyone to customise the Sidepodcast feed, and download any and all content that they're interested in. You can pick from a list containing all of the things we put out - audio / video / live - it doesn't matter. You can mix and match as you please and come back and change your mind at any time. Custom feeds will update like any other feed, except they only update the things that matter to you.

As ever we're very keen for feedback on this, please let us know if it's useful, if anything is missing and if you want more or less customisation at your fingertips.


It's probably worth mentioning that Show Selector is the official title of this application, but when I touched on the subject in a London pub earlier this year, top commenter Bassano insisted that it could only be known as Sho' Selecta!, and there was no arguing with the man.

I'm pretty sure we don't mind what people decide call it, so long as it's useful.

I do have to take my hat off to the Sidepodcast Playground for the second time in a week, because without it, this mini-project may have taken another six months to see the light of day. It's not remotely finished, it'll likely go through many incarnations, but it is usable, today, and that's what we're really excited about.