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When being flakey is a good thing - Keeping track of everything Sidepodcast in one handy page view

Published by Christine

As each new and exciting Web 2.0 thing comes along, Sidepodcast signs itself right up to be part of the new media revolution. But there are so many, that even we start to lose track of where we are.

Well, I have come up with the solution! Actually, that's not true, Pageflakes have come up with the solution.


The idea is based on the MyYahoo's and iGoogle's of old, but this time, you create what you want to have on your page, and then you publish it for the world to see. So, for instance, think of the YouTube feed, the Myspace comments, the audio podcast, F1 Minute, everything is all under one roof, and you can share it with me.

Already we have found Myspace comments we didn't know were there. Genius. So, if you would like to keep your eye on us here at Sidepodcast, and you only want to have to keep one eye on us, then check us out on Pageflakes.