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What's behind the blue door? - A Sidepodvisit to the headquarters of the FIA

Published by Mr. C

Front door to the FIA

This weekend we planned to not podcast because we intended to kick off the first part of our post-season tour, whereby we fill in the downtime with trips to a variety of motorsport related locations. As with everything we do, it's an ad-hoc affair, we don't expect to plan anything more than a week in advance.

The first location on the agenda was Paris, France. The lovely capital city houses basecamp for the motorsport governing body Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile. Ideally the trip would have seen us leave on Friday, spend a quiet few days figuring out how we make all of our equipment work on the continent, and return late on Sunday.

That was before Honda announced their rather unexpected exit strategy on Thursday evening.

Friday was a write-off given the amount of news bouncing around, and suddenly this wasn't a good week to skip a show. Instead we compressed all the above plans into two days as best we could.

Place de la Concorde

There was no way we could drive to France, visit Max's pad and return in time for a live show on Sunday evening, so we've bounced that over to Monday for the first time in a long time.

As for the tour, well, we got lost... a lot. More than you could possibly imagine in fact. Aside from navigational issues, there's much to be sorted in terms of keeping in contact with the site too. The important thing, however, is we survived our first continental Sidepodcast outing.

We'll likely chat in more detail on Monday, and while peering at the outside of a locked door isn't the most auspicious start to a tour, we feel we've made a successful sidepodstep this weekend.