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What we did in the off season - Catching up the Sidepodcast activities over the winter months

Published by Christine

Last night, in the comments, Mr C brought up the point that we have talked a lot during this off season. The comment count currently stands at 143,975, just a whisker away from hitting 144k. Steven Roy is also close to hitting the 2,000 comments over the past 30 days mark, which is not unheard of, but slightly unusual given the timing.

It is the off season, isn't it? It must be the best off season ever. Of course, the stress of following Honda, and the recent FIA madness may not make it the most enjoyable, but in terms of things to talk about, we couldn't ask for any more, could we?

So, let's make it official.

For us, it has been amazing, fascinating and brilliant, even though we didn't achieve everything we wanted. We made a list back at the beginning of November, and I can tell you now - we didn't go on tour, we didn't resurrect Sidepodquiz, we managed just one interview, the intended redesign didn't happen (yet), and LCLT is still waiting for it's upgrade.

However, we've enjoyed some great conversations, and produced some fun shows, which is mostly down to you guys. And it doesn't stop here.

We've got more fun stuff coming up, including:

  • Live commenting Sebring on Saturday
  • More Sidepodpanelling
  • Live commenting the first GP of the season
  • The return of the Parade Lap (but not in Australia, so hush!)
  • F1Minute / Big Picture going daily
  • The redesign / LCLT updates and other things that haven't happened yet

It's going to be brilliant, we're glad to have you along for the ride, and if you've had better off-seasons we want to know about them.