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What now for Jenson? - Options for the British driver if he's bored of an underperforming team

Published by Mr. C

Racing forever

Exactly one month ago, Jenson Button's F1 future was looking pretty good. He was optimistic about things to come and during an interview with Ted Kravitz, explained:

The difference is that I know there's light at the end of the tunnel. The team as a whole has changed a lot, and I think that next year with the rule changes we should be further up the grid.

After putting up with two years of underperforming, and none too pretty vehicles, you could have expected the guy to be a bit frustrated at the end of another poor season, but he wasn't. During a PR event at Motegi he raised the confidence level one notch higher:

It feels more like 2006, when I got three podiums and I won my first race.

Goodness know what he's thinking now.

As Jeremy pointed out in the comments, this year Jenson announced a long term vision to set up his own airline, flying of all things the HondaJet. I wonder if this week's surrender from those in charge will affect his plans at all? Could it happen sooner, or will he now abandon the manufacturer altogether?

Presumably there's still a desire from the man to remain in the sport, and no doubt he'll be hoping for a swift and clean takeover of his existing team. But what if that doesn't happen? Is there room for Jenson in the sport any more, or have his previous and well publicised contract wranglings left team bosses reluctant to agree terms with him?

Toro Rosso look to be an outfit with a free seat or two and they're interested in a driver with financial backing. So far they've been indecisive about who to sign for next year, and Honda's exit may make that choice even harder.

Early retirement or will his time come?