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What is eating at Fernando Alonso? - The current stewarding system comes under scrutiny

Published by Marilene Riddle

The FIA has notoriously been known to be Ferrari-friendly, but recent developments have proved otherwise. And taking the brunt of the stewards new-found dislike is Fernando Alonso.

Fernando Alonso navigates the Silverstone track
Credit: realjv / Flickr

In the last two races, Alonso had the chance of ending the race on the podium, if not winning the whole thing. Both times the safety car thwarted his plans, and he ended up a mere 8th and 14th. This has not been Ferrari's year, with Red Bull racing winning races and headlines, but even the title of 'championship contender' may soon be taken away from Alonso if he does not win a race soon.

So here is the debate on the root of Alonso's troubles: is the current stewarding system any good? Past drivers have been installed to make the process a little more driver-friendly, but not all drivers see eye-to-eye. As a result, some rather baffling decisions like 5 second penalties or penalizing someone to no effect has occurred.

What is your stand? Continue with the current status quo, scrap the ex-driver stewards, or reformat the stewarding process altogether? Have your say by voting and commenting below.