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What are you doing during the off season? - Keeping up with Sidepodcast during the quiet winter months

Published by Mr. C

Heidfeld relaxing during the off-season

For the past week or so we must have answered this question (or various incarnations of it) a hundred times already. I get the impression when most people ask what we're going to be doing with our newly acquired free time, they half expect us to say "take a holiday", or something equally relaxing.

Clearly they haven't met Christine.

Last year, at a time when not that many people had heard of Sidepodcast we managed to work every single week between F1 seasons, and that included Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day. This year, given a heightened level of listener interactivity, what are the chances she's planning a break this time around?


Which is why, despite there being absolutely no racing action for over four months the girl has a packed programme scheduled for everyone. If you tuned in last year, you'll no doubt be familiar with many of these concepts, but I'll quickly run through our plans anyhow.

Stuff to look forward to:

Have I missed anything from that list? Can I squeeze another link in anywhere?

Hopefully that'll keep you entertained, it'll certainly keep us busy. Now you know what we're up too, what are your plans for the off season?