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What a load of nonsense! - Quotes from Kimi Räikkönen to ease Ferrari's mood

Published by Mr. C

Ferrari have posted an interview on their site, that claims to be with Melbourne winner Räikkönen. However, I have my doubts!

Take the following line:

I've never hidden my joy, since the first day I came to Maranello.

- Kimi Räikkönen

Joyous, yep that's the word that sprang to mind when I watched Kimi in pre-season testing. Not bored, not aloof, not even distant. Nope the word was unquestionably joyous.

Here's another classic:

When I passed the chequered flag it was a really emotional moment and it was fantastic to celebrate together with the boys from the pitwall.


Emotional? Ahh yes that famous Iceman emotion desperately trying to break through there.

Why do I get the feeling that this 'interview' was designed more for the people inside Maranello, than for those outside of it? Almost as if someone's trying to convince the members of the team that this guy actually could be the next Schumacher. No, honest guv, he really could! Just look at the passion in that sentence right there.

Anyone else think that Massa's lack of race pace and his inability to pass the plodding Fissi on Sunday, means the people at the top are already panicking about their long term stability?

I see cracks.