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We're not counting the days - A selection of Sidepodcast projects for the winter off-season

Published by Christine

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I don't think we'll ever win the battle of convincing everyone the off season is brilliant, but instead, we can make it the best we possibly can. Last year, we had a quick run through of what we were planning to do, and then we reviewed what we had managed to achieve before the season began. This year we're going to do something similar.

Although it will be good to have news to talk about as the off season gradually progresses, we don't want anything like last year with constant speculation over who will buy or not buy Honda. I know there are teams out there waiting to be picked up, so let's hope these things can be sorted out smoothly. I'm not holding, my breath though.

While the F1 world rumbles on, we'll be busy with some awesome things, including (but not limited to):

  • The 2009 Season Review - you can (and will) be getting involved with this!
  • The return of Sidepodpanel - assuming the technology comes together in time
  • A review of our predictions from pre-season and a catchup with our New Year's Resolutions
  • Best of shows - you can suggest best of moments over on the wiki
  • The Christmas party and the Sidepoddie Awards
  • The return of Must Comment Monday
  • The 2009/10 Character Cup
  • An Alternate Christmas Message
  • More adventures with the Sidepodtour
  • Your chance to offer feedback on the shows we do
  • Some more Sidepodfilmclub evenings - starting with Cars this weekend
  • Continual website improvements - Sidepodcast 3.0 is taking shape nicely
  • Preparations for the 2010 season - again, you can (and will) be getting involved with this!
  • Plenty of 2009 analysis and nostalgia

I'm sure there's more I've missed, and no doubt there will be plenty of impromptu ideas along the way. If there's anything you'd like us to have a go at, now is the chance to let us know. Also, why not share what you're planning to do with your off season, particularly if you are blogging your way through it, or taking a much deserved break.