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We're going to have trouble balancing this on a panda // The Fantasy Racers trophy in all its helmet-shaped glory

Published by Mr. C

Fantasy Racers Trophy

Following on from that speech, and thanks to the generosity of both Jordan and Dan, the above trophy found its way to our doorstep this morning.

The question now is, what should we do with it?

It would be nice to have it on display during the live show, but that is one heavy object, and I can see us struggling to perch it on top of the microphone stand. It's already mighty crowded up there, what with Bibendum, a panda, a pop shield and, well, a microphone. We don't have any shelving to hand either.

At some point we're planning to introduce multiple camera angles into the live show, so maybe we need a "trophy cam" that we can cut to for a moment of serenity or something?

Suggestions on a post card or in the comments please.

Update: In my haste to post this earlier, I forgot to mention the very lovely engraving.

Trophy engraving

It reads: Fantasy Racers Winners '08. Thanks to Christine & me from the Motley Crew.