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We're about to get jealous - Following Alex as he travels the F1 globe

Published by Christine

On this week's debrief episode, I gave a quick shout out to Alex Snell who has just embarked on the dream. He is going to every single Grand Prix this year, travelling to each country, and following the F1 circus as it meanders about the globe.

The man himself introduces the prospect on his travel blog.

I'm an ordinary guy who happens to be a big F1 fan. This year though, I won't be watching the Grand Prix from the well-worn comfort of my lazy-boy. Nope, I'll be at the circuit. In fact I'll be at all of the circuits, for every race, for every session, and for every lap.

- Alex Snell

You're envious already, aren't you?

Alex is documenting his travels via Twitter, and using the travel blog site Get Jealous, where you can find photos, journal entries and a map. From the entry prior to the race:

Had a good start to the day, on the advice of one of the official photographers we plonked ourselves infront of the entrance by the stage, why? Because this the entrance all the teams use, we managed to see the Ferrari engineers, the guys from lotus, virgin, and RedBull - so pretty cool.

I've also managed to add the autographs of both virgin drivers, so that's 4 down and 20 to go for the full set!

- Alex Snell

Di Grassi's autograph? Yea, I am pretty jealous by now.

As I type this, Alex has just landed in Melbourne. One race down, 18 more to go. I'll be following along, will you?