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Well wishers - Tamara Ecclestone and Jenson Button do their bit for charity

Published by Mr. C

Jenson and Tamara

I can't actually think of a particularly justifiable reason for including a picture Tamara Ecclestone in this post, but she was helping Jenson raise funds for the Make a Wish foundation during the Silverstone weekend, and frankly that's all the excuse one needs.

Ms E. and Button turned up for a photoshoot to plug the diamond anniversary of Silvertstone, both sporting limited edition Alpinestars t-shirts designed to celebrate the event. One of the shirts was signed by several F1 personalities and will be auctioned at the charity's upcoming annual Summer Ball.

More relevant to us, but on similar lines, was the weekends showcase of the winning design from Button's drawing competition. Apparently there were over seven thousand entries and the chosen artwork looked rather good, especially in the sunshine.

Jenson's Helmet Design

Some may argue that Christine's efforts were much more akin to Button's public image than Aries Janssens conceptual piece, but let's no go down that route, eh?

The helmet will be auctioned alongside the signed t-shirt this coming Saturday.

Incidentally, there appears to be some serious confusion within the Ecclestone household right now, given that one family member is busily promoting the circuit while another is systematically tearing it to pieces.