Sidepodcast - All for F1 and F1 for all

Welcome, make yourselves at home - The Sidepodcast site arrives, with the show due shortly

Published by Christine

The podcast is slowly taking shape, and whilst it's being edited and made suitable for all you lovely listeners out there, I've been keeping myself busy making a blog!

Everyone needs a blog, even little podcasts about F1.

So, you may know me or you may not, I run a website called Daily F1 Blog and it basically does what it says on the tin. All the news and gossip about F1 is discussed in an open and friendly manner.

However, whilst waiting for the new season to begin, I wondered what else I could get my teeth into. And suddenly it dawned on me - a podcast! Hurrah! What better to go alongside a blog that you read, than a show that you can listen to.

Welcome to Sidepodcast. Do you see what I did there? Side pod? Podcast? Brilliant.

Anyway, stay tuned, because the introductory and two special season review podcasts are on their way. Very soon. I promise.

This is going to be fun.