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Weekend logbook - Austria 2014 - Follow all the action as Red Bull (and others) take on the Red Bull Ring

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Stier von Spielberg at the Red Bull Ring
Credit: Philip Platzer

After Formula One delivered a fast and furious weekend of amazing action in Canada, you may be wondering the best way to keep on top of all that occurs over the course of an F1 event. Step in the logbook, a handy guide to the on and off track action, this time focusing on the antics from Austria. With press conferences covered, and the best quotes highlighted, you'll be in the know as the weekend draws near. Links to results and discussion topics will also help you to keep on top of the action from the Red Bull Ring.

Keep coming back throughout the weekend, and share your findings as well - what are the stewards up to now? Who has a new helmet for this weekend? And just who is likely to take victory now that the Mercedes pair have proven to be beatable?

As it happened: Austria 2014 extended weekend coverage

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    Hello and welcome to the logbook for the Austrian Grand Prix - will it be a weekend as tense and exciting as the Canadian a fortnight ago? Fingers crossed!

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    Let's start at the very beginning, with a post stacked full of info for the coming event. If you want weather data, press conference schedules or just a map of the track to refresh your memory, the race information post should address all of your needs.

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    The Thursday press conference features two drivers who are facing penalties this weekend. Sergio Pérez after his collision with Massa, and Max Chilton after his incident with Bianchi. The Force India squad have launched an official inquiry into Pérez's penalty, however, According to

    "The FIA stewards at this weekend's Grand Prix in Austria will meet on Friday morning to determine whether the additional evidence warrants further investigation of the incident.

    Should they decide it does, a hearing to review the penalty decision will be convened later the same day. Both Perez and Massa would be obliged to attend the secondary meeting."

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    Mercedes have brought another of their excellent hashtags to the fore this weekend, whilst also managing to squeeze in some early jokes. "Last minute touch ups to get the track looking in A1 condition for the weekend! ;-) #RingLeaders"

    Painting the lines last minute is usually reserved for brand new tracks, but turns out returning circuits suffer the same problem!

  • 14:45

    TweetTweet from @adamcooperf1: "Massively impressed by the rebuilding work done by Red Bull in Austria. facilties as good as any government funded Tilke venue. RB even remembered to give the media centre a view of the track - an amazing one, in fact. Stark contrast with windowless Silverstone."

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    Factbyte Factbox image

    Tyre selection this weekend sees the soft and supersoft tyres make their third consecutive appearance. Pirelli based their decision on "asphalt samples and track inspections."

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    The FIA missed a trick by not including Felipe Massa in the press conference, the Brazilian is still raging about the incident with Sergio Pérez - and he's not the only one. Head of Vehicle Performance at Williams, Rob Smedley, has hit out at Force India, saying: "Why you leave a car out when you've got that sort of problem is beyond me... You saw two teams, one of which was ours, knowing when to call it quits... I'm a bit peeved to say the least that this has happened. We were very lucky not to have someone seriously hurt."

    Meanwhile, Massa is determined not to forgive and forget, after such a scary incident. At the time, he said: "I talked to him at the medical centre. I was so disappointed with him. I said that he needs to learn. I wanted him to put himself in my place, because I had a huge crash and honestly I thought it was going to hurt." And rumour has it, two weeks later, he's still not convinced the Mexican should be let loose on track.

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    Daniel Ricciardo broke the domination of Mercedes in Canada, taking his maiden win in Montreal. The Red Bull driver heads to his team's home race on a high but has mixed feelings about the circuit itself.

    "I've only driven the Red Bull Ring on filming days, essentially a handful of laps without the out-and-out aggression that you'll see at the weekend. It's a tidy circuit - not the longest and not many corners, but what is there is good. It's very odd going to what, essentially, is a new race but in a place where the racing history is firmly established."

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    Even though the drivers have their own priorities this weekend, they're still keeping one eye on the World Cup. Esteban Gutiérrez is happy with Mexico's start to the competition: "It’s great to see. They barely made it into the World Cup and now they’re playing really well and in a good position. So hopefully they keep on going like this and we can fight for the win at the end."

    Meanwhile, ever the optimist, Ricciardo talks up Australia's performance: "Obviously they lost but they scored goals, found the back of the net, they attacked and took risks, so we have to be proud of that at least: went down swinging."

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    Lots of drivers enjoying the beautiful scenery during their track walks, blue skies (while they last), lush green forests and a brand new circuit to learn.

    Bottas takes in the Red Bull Ring
    Credit: ValtteriBottas/Twitter
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    StopwatchThree practice sessions led us to believe that Mercedes would likely lead the way, but that Williams could push them for pace and perhaps be best of the rest. I'm not sure anyone was expecting a Massa pole position.

    Qualifying Results
    1F Massa1:08.759
    2V Bottas1:08.846
    3N Rosberg1:08.944
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    We are still revelling in how lovely the Austrian track is, nestling in the forest with such emotive skies. An F1 Big Picture was bound to follow, this one celebrating seeing the woods for the trees.

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    An interesting penalty was handed out on Friday, after the FIA gave Toro Rosso a "suspended fine" of 10,000 Euros. The Italian team fell foul of the new rule for this year, in which drivers are allowed a special set of tyres for practice, that then have to be handed back.

    Reportedly, Jean-Éric Vergne was a few seconds late back, and the team argued that they weren't trying to, and didn't, gain an advantage. Hence the suspended fine.

    It seems a little harsh to me. Rules need to be observed, naturally, but perhaps the time limit should be altered to something more flexible, like finishing the lap you're on. What if you have engine trouble and have to crawl back to the pit lane on those tyres - a fine on top of that too?

  • 18:27

    The FIA have gotten very strict with the track limits as well. Charlie Whiting has pointed out to the teams and drivers that they aren't allowed to have all four wheels off the track: "I would like to remind all teams and drivers that we will adopt a “zero tolerance” approach to cars leaving the track on the exit of turn 8 during qualifying."

  • 18:28

    It's not gone down very well, because these are the drivers that had their times deleted during qualifying:

    Romain Grosjean, Valtteri Bottas, Kamui Kobayashi, Daniil Kvyat, Marcus Ericsson, Esteban Gutiérrez, Fernando Alonso, Adrian Sutil, Jules Bianchi, Lewis Hamilton and Nico Hülkenberg.

  • 18:30

    QuoteThe cynical amongst you might think Nico Rosberg has had payback for what happened in Monaco, after finding himself hindered during Saturday in Austria: "That was not a great qualifying for us. I didn't get the second quick lap in Q3 when Lewis spun in front of me at Turn 2 and I had to slow down for the yellow flags."

  • 18:30

    TweetTweet from @WilliamsRacing: We must say a big thank you to all members of the team both out in Austria and those working equally as hard back in Grove. Great job guys.

  • 18:35
    Amazing to see so many fans!
    Credit: GeorgNolte/Twitter

    @GeorgNolte Amazing to see so many fans! Great atmo, great GP.

  • 11:35

    Fernando Alonso has paid tribute to pole sitter Felipe Massa, hailing the Brazilian as a fast driver. The Spaniard reportedly said: "I always said Felipe was a very, very fast man. Not many people believed me. But I still think he was probably the fastest team-mate that I had."

    Which is quite the claim, considering some of his teammates.

  • 11:39
    Webber and Alonso in Austria
    Credit: alo_oficial

    Talking of Alonso, the Spaniard had a visit from good friend Mark Webber, who is doing the rounds at the Austrian GP this weekend. Alonso jokingly called this moment part of a "strategy meeting". No offence to Mark, but considering the bad luck that follows him around, he wouldn't be my first choice for F1 advice!

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    Live comments for today's race are up and running for community discussion. Join the conversation if you dare!

  • 15:57
    Rosberg takes another win!
    Credit: bbcf1/twitter

    Nico Rosberg wins the Austrian Grand Prix!

    Enjoy lap-by-lap live coverage of today's race.

  • 16:00

    Valtteri Bottas picked up his first F1 podium in Austria, and the Finn was a little speechless on the podium. After gathering his thoughts, he managed to elucidate on his feelings: "I think overall it was my best ever weekend. I'm really happy for us as a team. We were really strong the whole weekend.

    "It's down to the hard work. We are making progress, getting closer to the positions where we belong. It's nice to have a clean race and good points for the team. There has been talk about maximising what we had and today we showed what we can do."

  • 16:02

    The full race results are available here. There's not quite the team by team list that we've seen at other races this year, but the pecking order is still clearly visible.

  • 16:04

    The driver and team standings are also looking intriguing. There's a split now between the two Mercedes drivers, but it's not an unassailable lead for Rosberg. In the team results, Williams were the biggest winners, jumping up a place and closing in on Force India.

  • 16:10

    Lotus had what can quite frankly be called a terrible day. Grosjean started from the pit lane and finished 14th. Pastor Maldonado ended up 12th, missing out on points.

    Trackside leader Alan Permane said afterwards: "That was a tough race in many respects. The nature of this circuit is definitely a challenge for us and we had concerns over the brakes after the hot conditions here today. We’ve certainly learnt a lot from our return to Spielberg and our focus now turns to the familiarity of Silverstone which should suit our package far better."

  • 16:12

    There's some skepticism on the internet surrounding the different speeds of Rosberg and Hamilton's pit stops. Some believe there's a conspiracy against the Brit, but there doesn't seem to be too much evidence for that. In the comments, Bassano has picked up some Ted News: "Ted found out that Lewis over ran his mark on the first stop and the mechanics were being careful on his second due to some damage to the cake tin [brake shroud]."

  • 20:15

    A sixty second round-up of the Austrian action today - Rosberg robs Massa of Austrian comeback win.

  • 20:16

    Fernando Alonso, who has been so optimistic for so many years, has clearly had enough. Talking about being lauded for a strong drive - the best of the non-Mercedes cars, he said: "It's been five years like this. There is always the satisfaction that everyone believes that you are performing at your best. There's the respect from the drivers, team principals and fans for the job that you do.

    "But I'd prefer to have no respect and win more trophies."

  • 20:42

    There's just time before we wrap up to check out Adam's excellent feature work in Class of the Field, highlighting who put in the best performances in Austria. There are special mentions for the Williams boys, plus Kevin Magnussen, Mercedes and more.

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    With that, let's call time on the Austrian Grand Prix weekend coverage. It's been a good weekend, perhaps not living up to the high expectations but nevertheless entertaining.

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    Formula One returns to action in two weeks, at Silverstone for the British Grand Prix. Weather could play its part, as always, as we look to crown the winner of the ninth round of 2014.

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