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Weekend at Bernie's - What to look forward to over the British Grand Prix weekend

Published by Mr. C

Rubens Barrichello in his Honda

So the weekend is almost upon us. The time when the Formula 1 World Championship heads home to the British Grand Prix. The weather is trying its best to put a dampner on proceedings. Already it's forced some campsites to refuse entry to vehicles, and race organisers are being forced to bring additional support procedures into action. But as I write the sun is trying to break through the heavy cloud base and the forecast is positive.

So what do we have to look forward too?

McLaren have been kept busy this week with the whole Coughlan investigation saga, and they're not nearly done yet. Additionally they have introduced the obscene Brand Centre - an oversized, gaudy monstrosity of a motorhome that towers over the paddock like some kind of Tate Modern reject. Calls for the FIA to introduce paddock planning laws, thus far, falling on deaf ears.

Ferrari by comparison are acting bullish in the face of controversy, Kimi's remarks this week are most telling.

If we manage to bring all the latest developments on the track, then I think that Ferrari will be even more competitive than in Magny-Cours.

During the recent Silverstone test I saw Kimi running fully enclosed front wheel bins. These devices are complex rim-shields that both improve aero while assisting brake cooling. Without question they're a source of concern amongst teams and despite running them at several tests, Ferrari have yet to use them during a race. Could these be the developments that Kimi is referring to? And are Ferrari hoping that there's already too much controversy surrounding Formula 1 for teams to start kicking up yet another fuss about movable aerodynamic devices?

Bernie is surely doing his level best to keep racing to the fore and everything else out of the way right now.

Elsewhere, Honda should be looking to continue their mid-season momentum, it's about time Jenson gave the British crowd something to cheer about. While all eyes and safe bets will surely be on Hamilton, I'm thinking a wet / dry race could play into the hands of the team from Brackley. If nothing else, lets hope the man lasts a little longer than last year.

Watch also for Spyker, their offices are situated directly opposite the Silverstone circuit, but this week there has been talk of internal financial pressures affecting the staff and Albers' mishap during last weeks GP leaves his race seat in serious doubt.

For me, the highlight of the weekend will be finding out if the Red Arrows manage to arrive with all nine pilots at the controls. After a benign domestic accident left us with an 8 plane display at Goodwood, a full field would be appreciated this Sunday!

Red Arrow on final approach

It's not much to ask is it?

As usual, Sidepodcast will bring you everything you never thought you needed to know about the British Grand Prix, early next week.