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Website review - Jenson Button - The British driver aims to provide all the news and information you need to know

Published by Christine

This article was originally written for BellaOnline, but is republished here for posterity.

Jenson Button is the number one British driver at the moment, following his debut win at Hungary last year. The team are supporting Jenson 100% to try and add more trophy’s to his collection, and I’m looking forward to seeing the challenge.

Recently, Jenson has suffered a rib injury during off-season training that prevented him from getting back in the car for winter testing. However, the problem seems to have sorted itself and with the launch of the new car from Honda, Jenson was seen racing around the track.

Jenson has a website dedicated to bringing fans news and information from the trackside. However, the website is not very accessible at all. There are too many animations and little tricks used to make the website seem glitzy and high-tech, but it is all a bit too flashy and loses some credibility in the process.

You are not rewarded even if you manage to get the site working. When you finally make sense of the drop down menus and the bouncing graphics, you will find that a lot of the options are locked out, for members only. I do not approve of websites that require a visitor to sign up and log in, just to access the content.

I suppose that signing up to a website can make you feel included and special, but really, I don’t believe this is the aim for the site. I can understand them perhaps wanting to keep the videos under wraps, and maybe even some special features such as competitions, etc. but really, there is no need to lock out biographies and statistics, and even, in some cases, news.

If you do give in and register, then the content is interesting and insightful, although there really doesn’t seem to be that much of it. There are links to places you can get merchandise and of course, to the Honda website. Really, the main problem with the site is that it’s all just a little bit too impersonal to make it worth the visit. Especially considering you have to give information to be allowed to look at some of the items, it would be nice if there were some more things about Jenson and the whole glitzy F1 lifestyle, rather than the more technical aspects of being and F1 racer.

Die hard Jenson or motorsport fans will find something to amuse them, but for those who are new to the topic, there are better places to be introduced to the world of F1.