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Webber's wistful thinking - Mark discusses his F1 career so far

Published by Christine

In a week where no news is... no news, Webber has come out of the woodwork to talk about his debut in Formula 1.

The Australian had his F1 break in 2002 with a drive for the Minardi team, followed by Jaguar Racing, then Williams and next year it will be Red Bull Racing. He's clearly a strong driver, but his achievements for these teams are not great.

Before Formula 1, Webber raced sportscars for Mercedes, and he's now come out to say that if Mercedes had any say in the McLaren driver choices, he would have been up there with the best of them.

Why didn't this relationship evolve towards F1? It's simple: because at McLaren, Ron Dennis was the boss. Nowadays, Mercedes probably has more power in the management of the F1 programme, but it wasn't this way until a few years ago.

- Mark Webber

It's all very well to look back and say "What if..." but really he needs to be concentrating on making the most of his opportunities for the future.