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Webber's take on things - The Australian driver contemplates his move to Red Bull

Published by Christine

Mark Webber, Australia's finest, is hoping that his 2007 season is much better than this last one. Some might say it was a dismal performance from Webber, others believe it was the Williams at fault, the only evidence we have is that he walked away from the year and the team with only seven points.

Webber is moving to Austrian team Red Bull, who are also hoping for a better season, with the other addition of Adrian Newey, fresh from McLaren. So, combining a little bit of Williams, a splash of Red Bull, a dash of McLaren and some Renault engines should make an interesting team.

There's a lot of pressue inside the team, they want to go and achieve things, they want to make a difference next year, otherwise I wouldn't have gone there.

- Mark Webber

Webber regrets his move to Williams last year but doesn't wish the team any ill-will.

They'll have a lot better next year - they have to because it just couldn't be any worse than this year. Whether it's as good as they want it to be remains to be seen.

- Mark Webber

The Australian also knows exactly who his competition is.

If Alonso can get a good car from McLaren I don't think anyone will touch him again - he's the class in the field at the moment, there's no one who can compete with him consistently. Kimi is phenomenally quick, we know that. Whether he can take it to Fernando during the course of the season, it's going to be a good fight between those two.


Hopefully Webber will have a better time of it next year. Williams seems to have made him miserable, and we know from Coulthard, that the Red Bull team can boost morale. Plus, I think he's great because he doesn't mind calling himself a 'big girl's blouse'.