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We only get judged by what we do - Bridgestone's desire to go green is a step too far

Published by Mr. C

Sometimes I feel sorry for the Bridgestone Corporation. Ever since the FIA opened the tender process to be Formula 1's single tyre supplier, their marketing department have been struggling to keep the black and round things at the forefront of our minds, and in most cases they've failed.

The manufacturer did manage to convince the powers that be to mandate two types of rubber be used per race. However that's served only to confuse race fans and quash any action during the final third of a GP. They only get press coverage when something goes wrong and teams are constantly referring to one their products as the "less favourable" or "inferior" compound.

Keeping all this in mind, my charitable side could almost forgive them for coming up with this loony marketing pitch:

Fugly Green Bridgestones

Bridgestone may have created the ugliest Formula 1 tyre of all time.

Supposedly these things have been cooked up to promote the idea of reducing the impact of motoring on the environment, but let's not indulge anyone in such altruistic fantasies for one second. It's Bridgestone's home race and they are desperate to do anything that'll generate them a headline or two.

The tyres pictured above are to be used by F1 teams during this coming weekend. I've no idea how anyone is going to tell the one with the white and green stripes from the other one with just the green stripes, but I am now resolutely hoping for a very wet weekend - lest we have to set eyes on the damn things again.

Of course if you genuinely want green rubber, stuff that actually makes a difference and looks after the environment, you'll be wanting a some Michelin Energy Saver tyres. Those things have been proven to last longer and offer better fuel economy to the likes of you and I. Now that is something worth shouting about.

Am I being harsh or missing the point, is this a good initiative for the sport to be involved with? And has there ever been an uglier tyre in F1?