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We made it through the wilderness - A collection of the best photographs from 2009

Published by Christine

Our F1 Big Picture venture began, like all good stories, right at the very beginning... of the 2009 season. January this year to be precise.

We wanted to add more features to F Minute, more ways to consume F1 in the bytesize format. As an homage to the original and most awesome Big Picture, we launched our own daily version of the news - in photographic format.

The idea has proven popular, we've thoroughly enjoyed collating the news for you this way, and hope you gained something from it too.

As the year has progressed we have tried to tailor the pictures towards the news of the day, but have also begun to include some themes as we go. Prior to each race weekend, we feature a sneak peek of history from each track, before diving into the heart of the event.

Sidepodcast image

This weekend signifies the end of the 2009 season and F1 Big Picture is celebrating by publishing some stunning photography from Abu Dhabi. New circuits offer fantastic opportunities for seasoned photographers, and they've really gone to town around Yas Marina.

We could try and pretend that this was a preplanned idea to bring 2009 to a close in style, but in reality there were so many good pictures coming out of Free Practice Friday and we spent so long arguing about which image should gain pride of place on F1 Big Picture, we decided to feature all of them:

We saved the best till last, of course, and there has been talk that this Toro Rosso picture may be one of the best we have ever featured on the Big Picture.

Why not judge for yourself and let us know your thoughts? Do you like the themed ideas? Should we run more of them through the off-season?