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We love you, Mr. Gorman - A change in approach, with photographic credit on top

Published by Mr. C

That's Ed Gorman, Formula 1 correspondent for the Times Online, as opposed to Dave Gorman the comedian (although he's cool too).

And why are we so happy with the man? Well mainly because he's engaging with bloggers in a way that many traditional journalists seem unable to do. He appears to have recognised F1 reporting has changed dramatically over the last couple of years and embraced that fact.

Earlier this week I was reading one of Ed's posts and found he'd linked to Keith, but even more interesting was his use of a photo from Flickr as opposed to a predictable press shot. That wasn't a one off though, because today he used a picture that Christine took of Martin Brundle earlier this year.

Screenshot of Ed's blog

It looks great, and he gives us due credit.

I am curious what prompted this change in attitude. Ed received a whole bunch of grief recently, mainly from fans in Spain, about his comments on the Lewis / Alonso affair, and I wonder if the overwhelming response opened his eyes a little?

Either way, we like his new approach.