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We love Jason - Formula One gets a shoutout on the Chris Moyles radio show

Published by Christine

Jason Swales (standing, left) oversees a 5Live recording Saturday evening in Silverstone, 2007
Credit: Sidepodcast

We've talked before about the sudden increase in Formula One interest by the Chris Moyles team on their Radio 1 breakfast show, which coincided with the return of the sport to the BBC. We were skeptical of it at first, but no matter what we think of it, the sport is at least getting more publicity and reaching a wider audience because the so-called Saviour of Radio One is talking about it.

This morning, as we were driving around and unusually listening to the radio rather than podcasts, we stumbled across the sports reporter for the Chris Moyles show, Tina Daheley broadcasting live from the Silverstone paddock. She and producer Matt Fincham are at the track for the weekend, catching up with drivers, giving a glimpse into goings on, and... well... causing trouble.

Here's a snippet from one of their updates, giving a certain 5live producer some well-deserved love.

I'm not so sure he'll be pleased to be confused with Jason Orange, but nevertheless, we love Jason too! He's allowed many Sidepodcast shoutouts on 5live, so it's only fitting that he gets a shoutout of his own on the nation's biggest radio station.

One of my favourite bits of the audio clip, though, is the Eddie Jordan reference. Moyles asks Tina to shout what we're all thinking: "Eddie Jordan is a moron" (no one said this was highbrow radio!) and goes on to explain how she could recognise him if he walked in.

You can tell it's him because he looks like David Dickinson's dad.

- Chris Moyles

I wonder what else Tina and Matt will get up to over the weekend! We've heard rumours of them doing star jumps down the length of the paddock. I dread what else is on the agenda.