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We Heart Lukeh - Photoshop wizardry at its finest

Published by Christine

Our Sidepodcommunity have many talents amongst them and we do like to showcase these whenever we can. Lukeh for example is a whizz on Photoshop and if anyone has a thought about something that would make a good photo, just a word or two in the right direction and he's the man who can sort it out.

In the last few days he has come up with some brilliant work regarding Luca Badoer. You can skip down and see it at the bottom of this post if you like, but bear with me and we'll work through some of his older, but timeless works of art.

Don't take away my breakaway

Let us begin with this cleverly doctored article from the BBC F1 website discussing the possibility of an F1 championship breakaway.

BBC F1 breakaway

In case the text is not clear, the image reads:

The new FOTA-created world championship that has broken away from Formula 1 will in fact be sponsored by Breakaway Chocolate, it was revealed this evening.

Current FOTA President Luca Di Montezemolo this evening confirmed rumours that the actual breakaway was inspired by the sponsorship deal with Breakaway. Di Montezemolo told reporters "They do make a nice chocolate snack, I must admit. We at FOTA had to decide what we wanted more; Max or chocolate. It was a no-brainer."

Get me out of here

Next up, we're hoping Nintendo will consider releasing this Formula One related game for the 2010 season.

Bernie Mario Kart

You know you want a go.

Time travel, baby. Yeah!

We have no recollection of why or how championship leader Jenson Button took on the role of The Doctor, however, he's clearly made for the part.

Dr Who / Jenson Button

Now who would he have as a companion?

Ooh Betty

Moving on, then, to the final and most recent installment of this crop of Lukeh greatness.

Luca Badoer has caused us all kinds of merriment for the last week or so. It's easy to feel sorry for the guy, but really, he is bringing a lot of it on himself. Mr C thought that Luca's antics last week and this reminded him a little of Michael Crawford's portrayal of Frank Spencer - a walking disaster of epic proportions. Nick also pointed out this video, showing how Luca very likely made his own way from Valencia to Spa.

Luca Badoer / Frank Spencer

Lukeh is clearly a rare and exceptional talent. His creativity has made 2009 considerably more enjoyable for us than it might otherwise have been, and for that we owe him a huge debt of gratitude.

If you've enjoyed these images, don't forget to keep a close eye on the Sidepodcast drop. You can follow Lukeh on his blog or his Twitter stream. Thank you for the laughs, Lukeh!