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We do a lot of work for charity - Participating in the Wings for Life fan car initiative

Published by Mr. C

Faces For Charity screenshot

Never let it be said that Sidepodcast doesn't do its bit for charity.

Now technically we kinda stole this idea from BlogF1, but still it's a good thing, so what the hell.

Red Bull recently announced a plan to support the charity Wings for Life, which involves covering both of their race cars in photographs of individual donators during the British Grand Prix weekend. So, us at Sidepodcast have stumped up some cash and an image of your erstwhile podcast presenter in order to take part.

We're planning to attend the GP at some point during the three days, and hopefully we'll be able to get close enough to see how it looks. You'll find us on the right sidepod (obviously) of Mark's car if you happen get near it.

Should you also be feeling in a charitable mood, head on over to the Faces for Charity site and make a pledge (it'll only cost you £10.00 and you'll feel great about yourself afterwards).