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Wasn't that like... two weeks ago? - A round up of our posts and plans covering Goodwood Festival of Speed

Published by Christine

Not before time, there are now x3 Goodwood blog entries just waiting for you to go and read.

I jest, of course, there was more to Goodwood than just Franck. Jenson was there too.

It was interesting writing these posts so many days after actually attending the festival, because it brought it all back as though it were yesterday. Last year, I wrote x5 blog entries about the Sunday, only the day after we'd been, and then it was all over and done with. At least this way, it lives on a bit longer.

And when the video is finally ready, we can extend Goodwood's shelf-life even more. Good stuff!

If you guys have any web stuff about Goodwood (probably posted in a much more timely manner than I have managed), then feel free to link to them below. I'm always on the lookout for good event coverage and you can have a free plug!