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Warning, rumour alert - Honda may be putting the brakes on their Super Aguri partnership

Published by Mr. C

I read with interest an opinion piece on today, that discusses the current state of Honda's technical department and the future of some of its key figures. The thing that stood out most though was the following quote:

Former colleagues now working at Leafield with the Super Aguri team have told me that Honda is intending to restrict them in their aero updates and also to supply them with de-tuned engines in order to minimise embarrassment to the parent team's senior management.

Now clearly, this should be considered pure speculation for the time being. However, it doesn't sound beyond the realms of possibility that such a thing could happen.

I mean, Honda have to do something pretty drastic right now, and if both of the SA cars lost a bit of speed, well it would have the additional benefit of defusing the customer car row somewhat too.

It'll be a major shame though, if only because Anthony Davidson is the only other Brit who's making any headlines at the moment. Imagine if he starts going backwards, it'll nothing but Hamilton for the rest of the year.