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Virgin Racing launch the MVR-02 in London - BBC Television Centre hosts the reveal of another 2011 car

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The MVR-02 under the spotlight
Credit: Marussia Virgin Racing

Virgin Racing have become the latest team to launch their 2011 car, unveiling the new chassis at the BBC Television Centre in London today. The launch featured drivers Timo Glock and Jérôme D'Ambrosio, plus the new car - the MVR-02 - with 5live commentator David Croft presiding over proceedings.

The livery hasn't changed too much, although the nose has been tweaked and the colours are slightly different to make way for new title sponsor Marussia. The driver's race suits are also slightly different. In terms of the car itself, the nose is a little lower than we've seen from other team's this year, whilst Virgin have concentrated a lot of design energy on the rear of the car. Designer Nick Wirth is confident the team will take big strides forward in 2011.

The back of car is heavily regulated from last year, and we managed to take this car and not only catch up where we were, but go above it in terms of aero efficiency - in every single way this car is faster and better than last year.

- Nick Wirth

Virgin Racing are one of the few teams who do not intend to run KERS at all, with Wirth believing the benefits of installing the energy recovery system are not worth the effort and compromise it would take to fit it in. He continues:

What caught us out, and other new teams to some extent, was reliability with hydraulics and gearbox, so that has been a focus for 2011.

We have a dual track approach, apply what we are good at in aero to the gearbox - so more analysis and development on the oil system in the gearbox than we did in sportscars. We ran the new hydraulics of new car in Abu Dhabi and in testing. We are just much better prepared for this season.

- Nick Wirth

Meanwhile, Timo Glock is keen to get going, insisting that this year's pre-season tests will be crucial for the team to make sure they have no nagging problems by the time the Bahrain GP arrives. He adds:

I am hoping for a realistic step. I am happy to do a proper step over the winter with the team together and be strong in first races. When you see back to lots of crashes and technical problems - that is where we struggled last year and that is where we have to be strong.

- Timo Glock

Highlights of the launch are available in a three-part video series on the Virgin Racing homepage, with the first part embedded below for your enjoyment.

The MVR-02 will make it's debut appearance at the Jerez test towards the end of this week.

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