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Published by Mr. C

It's no secret that we're what you might call 'YouTube fanatics', here at Sidepodcast. But das Tube seems to be having issues right now.

Since we started using it in anger earlier this year, it has always appeared a little slow. For example, adding a cool video to our 'favourite's list' is the work of a but moment, however it could be an hour or two before said video actually appears in the expected list. Kind of like working with a massive satellite delay.

Last weekend though, things took a turn for the worst. I tend to rely on YouTube users residing in countries more fortunate than our own - who actually get to see Friday practice - to upload any important video clips throughout the day. On Friday however, YouTube search stopped working (and wasn't fixed until late on Sunday). I was thus lost. Luckily, a number of users who's channels we happen to subscribe to, managed to get content up in a timely manner.

Then today, we get word via email, that a user has commented on our profile. But it took almost 8 hours before we could read the comment!

All of this babble is the long way of saying, "we're trying out some YouTube alternatives", just to see if they fair any better. We're not giving up on the biggest video networking site on the planet just yet. Only poking around to see what we're missing.

To start with, we have new profiles created on Dailymotion and

Will keep you posted as to how these trials pan out.