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Video 22 - 2007 in Video - A roundup of our full year of F1 videos, from race previews to charity faces

Published by Mr. C

With 2007 almost behind us, we've put together some clips covering our last 12 months in video podcast land. Whilst the quality of the first videos are frankly abysmal, it's fun to have a brief look over our shoulders. If we can improve as much again in the next 365 days, we'll be mighty happy.

Kudos also goes to PodShow, for getting the Manic Street Preachers onto the Podsafe Music Network, so that we can play them. Turn this one up loud!

BRDC building at Silverstone
BRDC building at Silverstone

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Music comes from, with special thanks going to Allianz SE, Brembo, Toyota Motorsports GmbH, Honda Racing F1, ING Group, Red Bull Racing and RTV GmbH for the use of their video footage.