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It's very boring, you always repeat, repeat, repeat - Christine's Rankings, Week 15 - Monaco provides extra-curricular activities and questionable designs

Published by Christine

We come to Monaco for the Formula One, and along the way we gets heaps of fun-filled moments as our drivers try and fit in the rich world around them. With Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton particularly doing their bit to entertain us, we also see a bit of philosophy in 140 characters, and just how close the relationship really is between Rob Smedley and Felipe Massa.

Movements for Week 15

  • +1 Fernando Alonso: Speaking out about the sore-loser style of competition coming from Red Bull's direction.
  • +1 Felipe Massa: Hanging out with Kamui Kobayashi in Ferrari gear!
  • +1 Nico Rosberg: Love this video, but particular points for Nico's glance at Lewis when the engine revs.
  • -20 Sebastian Vettel: Lots of new helmets doing the rounds in Monaco, but there's only one with a heat-change image that sees a woman's clothes disappear.
  • +3 Jenson Button: Providing a really good commentary of a lap around Monaco from inside the car!
  • +2 Felipe Massa: A fun little interview with Rob Smedley, the pair of them have never seemed more like a married couple. Also, eek, Felipe Baby mention.
  • +1 Nico Rosberg: Having an absolute riot on jet skis with the Sky team - like the moment with the parking brake, too.
  • +1 Lewis Hamilton: Having an absolute riot on jet skis with the Sky team - chuckled at the idea of him borrowing food from Nico too.
  • +1 Romain Grosjean: It's always fun to see a driver in an apron - although I can't see that cooking would take your mind off a ten place drop!
  • +2 Sebastian Vettel: Pushing for the fastest lap in the Monaco Grand Prix, just for the satisfaction.
  • +1 Fernando Alonso: Getting all philosophical about perfection and this gem about rain.

Standings for Week 15

This week's standings
10Lewis Hamilton127
20Fernando Alonso222
30Jenson Button320
40Giedo van der Garde16
50Valtteri Bottas16
60Daniel Ricciardo16
71Nico Rosberg215
81Felipe Massa315
9-2Jean-Éric Vergne15
100Esteban Gutiérrez9
110Max Chilton8
120Mark Webber8
133Romain Grosjean17
140Nico Hülkenberg7
150Sergio Pérez7
161Paul di Resta5
171Charles Pic3
181Pastor Maldonado3
191Adrian Sutil2
201Heikki Kovalainen1
211Luiz Razia1
221Jules Bianchi0
231Rodolfo González0
241Ma Qing Hua0
251Kimi Räikkönen-2
26-13Sebastian Vettel-18-11
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