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I used to have long blonde hair - Christine's Rankings, Week 4 - In which we ignore the endless flight details and praise kangaroos instead

Published by Christine

This week, the entire paddock has been making their way to Australia, through a variety of different routes. Photographs and status updates from the plane have been the order of the day, and it's been hard keeping track of everyone! Regardless, they all seem to be enjoying the sunshine, and now have to work even harder to get their points.

This week, there are street demos, a visit to the local zoo, getting involved in some racing of a smaller kind, and... well... a cow.

Movements for Week 4

  • +2 Jenson Button: Helping ill Katie's dream's come true. A defending champion right there, people.
  • +3 Jean-Éric Vergne: Enjoying his "Team Member of the Day" series, even if a lot of the photos are blurry.
  • +1 Fernando Alonso: Cow photo!
  • +1 Fernando Alonso: Getting hands on with whatever crazy little car this is. Not often you see F1 drivers messing about with socket wrenches these days!
  • -1 Lewis Hamilton: This outfit is, quite frankly, terrifying! Nice car, though.
  • +2 Esteban Gutiérrez: Participating in the obligatory Sauber driver and Australian animal photoshoot.
  • +3 Felipe Massa: Felipe Massa stops off in Rio to show off to the fans before heading to Melbourne.
  • +1 Valtteri Bottas: Williams are getting in on the kangaroo action as well!
  • +2 Giedo van der Garde: Another fab introduction to another interesting Caterham video update!
  • +2 Nico Hülkenberg: Plugging the mobile version of his website! Forward thinking driver!

Standings for Week 4

This week's standings
10Giedo van der Garde28
24Felipe Massa37
34Jean-Éric Vergne37
4-2Lewis Hamilton-15
5-2Kimi Räikkönen5
6-2Max Chilton4
71Jenson Button24
8-3Daniel Ricciardo4
92Esteban Gutiérrez23
102Nico Hülkenberg23
11-2Valtteri Bottas12
12-2Romain Grosjean1
130Charles Pic1
140Luiz Razia1
150Mark Webber1
166Fernando Alonso21
17-1Sergio Pérez1
18-1Jules Bianchi0
19-1Paul di Resta0
20-1Nico Rosberg0
21-1Adrian Sutil0
22-1Sebastian Vettel0
230Pastor Maldonado-1
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