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Uprising - A vote of confidence for the FIA Presidency candidate Ari Vatanen

Published by Lukeh

As you most probably know by now, by the end of this month the FIA will have a new president in charge - this individual being Ari Vatanen or Jean Todt. The FIA obviously keeps check of all sorts of motorsports away from Formula 1 but as an F1 fan, I feel that Mr Vatanen is the man that can bring the change to an authority that is so often criticised by us fans.

The video that I made gets straight to the point concerning my support and my frustration at what the FIA has turned into. For me to get my point across clearly, I felt it necessary to have the song ‘Uprising’ by Muse (despite my own personal bias towards the band) to highlight the growing tensions and frustrations at the control the FIA have over us and the sport. As fans having a change in who’s in charge could benefit us in a massive way and the video is simply my own personal way of speaking out and supporting change.

"They will not control us". For too long Mr Mosley has seen it in his own will to change rules and change ideas without the fans support and bring in new things that I personally feel have let us F1 fans down. I will happily admit to you reading that I do not know the ins and outs of the politics, the reasons into various changes in F1 at times, and the more technical sides of things, but everything I do know about the FIA and some of the decisions they have made under Mr Mosley have been ridiculous and it is time for a change with Ari Vatanen. We deserve better as Formula 1 fans, and we deserve a sport that we want to see, not a sport that the FIA thinks is best for us.

"They will stop degrading us". No matter how much they plead it, Max Mosley, and the FIA, does not appear to care about the fans. The biggest example has to go towards ticket prices. Why is it, despite their constant promises in the past, that ticket prices are so extortionate? Sure, it is not just Formula 1 and other motorsports seeing ticket prices at a ridiculous level, but when the FIA is so intent on cutting costs, it is still us fans paying the price in more ways than one. Mosley has let the sport down time and time again, and I feel that under Ari Vatanen the FIA can change its ways and take Formula 1 back towards what it should be.

It seems that, to a lot of people who have been following this, that Jean Todt has already won before the results are in later this month and before the election occurs. It would be ignorant to brush aside the fact he does have major support from Mosley and Ecclestone, and he has a very rich history in Formula 1. For me, though, this history is partly the reason why I can’t support Todt. It would also be ignorant to say that Mosley has never done anything good as president – the safety aspect of Formula 1 has been improved to no end under his rule and it’s an area both the FIA and Mosley deserve credit for improving immensely.

However, I honestly feel that the FIA has to take a different direction to succeed after the years of Mosley’s rulings. The frustration at the FIA as it has acted over the past few years led me to making this video and showing my support for Mr Vatanen. It’s straight to the point and it is effective in producing the message I’m trying to reach out with, and with Vatanen’s words closing the video in what he wants to bring to the FIA, it backs up every hope I have for him winning this election.

We all have our own opinions about politics in Formula 1 and I know that there will be people who will object to Ari in the same way I do about Jean Todt’s campaign. The last thing I would want to do is to simply throw down my feelings on any of you and try to force you to agree, this is simply explaining why the video was made and why I personally support Ari’s campaign. I respect what Jean Todt’s manifesto explains and reveals, but I just feel that Ari has the stronger campaign behind him to do what is best for the FIA’s future, and for me, Formula 1’s future.

It’s quite a privilege and a humbling feeling to know that Ari has seen my video and supports the message being portrayed within the small clip that I made, the ultimate compliment for the supportive video. I just hope that, as Mr Vatanen said himself, sense prevails.

We will be victorious.